Blue Flower

We are glad to see you here, into our little studio!

Locate and look around, feel peace and comfort inside. There are beating heart in the chest and brewed aromatic tea from healing herbs in the teapot.
Become aware of why and how you got here... Look at thinks, pay attention to the inner voice, let him speak out... Speech is quieter, quieter and quieter...
There is clear and easy now .

Piano and bookshelf at your disposal.

There are words:

    Remember that Great Creator loves creativity.

    Art as the highest form of knowledge.

Hold the cup, only gently, still hot... M-m-m, feel this flavor, this moment?

    (pause... sip)

Activity of studio is closely related with the processes of knowledge, creation and living, our main craft is creative programming or, by another words, clever software development. We very much appreciate beauty, harmony and simplicity as an external visual design applications, and inside, the source code, that is, perform the maximum quality of full work.

Our experience:

 .NET Framework, C# language

 xaml-oriented developing (Windows Desktop, Windows Phone)

relational and non-attributed (associative) data models 

 detection of signals and a Fast Fourier Transform

 web-developing (Joomla CMS)

 design of visual user interfaces

Want a lot to embody, but at the moment there are tangible results. Let's go now to the workroom workroom, see the works there.